Back to school: what’s coming up!

Over the following academic year, I have three core modules and one optional module left to complete. The Creation and Capture core module focusses on the creation and capture of records and information within organisations in the course of their business, and records management approaches and techniques that can be applied to information created, received and used by organisations in a world of rapidly-changing digital technology. The Curation and Stewardship core module deals with the issues and activities involved in maintaining authentic and usable records over time and through change, identifying the vulnerability of the physical and virtual record, and to develop the knowledge and build skills to ensure that such records are maintained and that the risks to them are properly addressed and managed. The Access and Use of Archives and Records core module reviews the changing concept of ‘access’ to records and archives within the context of UK government policies and international developments, technological developments, cross-sectorial collaboration and community-based archive initiatives. The optional module that I would like to take – Collections Care – analyses in greater detail the challenges inherent in preservation management, conservation programming and the collection needs of library and archival material to include both photographic media and digital records.

Most of the students in my intake last year were full-time students who were completing their MA in a year. However, there were a handful of others in the year-group who had chosen the two-year part-time route like me, so it will be great to catch-up and see how they are. We’ll be sharing modules with this year’s intake, so there will be lots of new people to meet and experiences to hear about. I’m not worried about going back, but fingers crossed that I haven’t lost any essay-writing skills!

It’s going to be another year of hard work, even more so now that I will be fitting in my uni work around my job as an archivist. Looking back on the first year, I think I’ve set myself up pretty well, so I’m excited to start rather than feeling nervous. As for s dissertation? That’s a subject for another day.




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