Getting ready for the final year of my MA

With the final lecture of my first year back in April and the exam in May, September, and the start of my second year, seemed a long way off. But, September is fast approaching, so I’ve been getting myself back into the swing of all things university.


I really enjoyed the first year of my MA. Sure, there might have been a few tiny, short, and oh-so insignificant moments of ‘why did I chose to do this’, and ‘no-one needs to know this much theory’, and ‘there is not enough coffee’, but on the whole, I loved it. Mainly because I was finally studying something I cared about and wanted to do, and when you care about something you’re studying, it makes life that much easier.


Considering how much I was worrying about exam and somehow managed to pass (with merit!), I’m feeling less pressured going into my final year than I was at the start of the first year, but we all know that if you do not study, you shall not pass! So, I’m cracking the whip and getting on with a bit of reading and research in advance. Hey, it can’t help to start early, right? Plus, starting early means that I also have time to Google for appropriate study-themed memes, and we all love a good meme.


So, this sunny Saturday, when I could have been out and about enjoying London whilst it’s finally sunny again, I took myself off to the UCL Science Library to immerse myself in books, and boy did I choose the best day for it. The archives library room was quiet, lots of free desks to choose from, and blissfully cool. If you’ve ever visited the room during term time, you know that this would not be the case. I searched the library catalogue, selected books from the shelf, and enjoyed a very productive afternoon of research and note-taking. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed being on campus and in the postgrad mentality. The only downside was choosing a stack of the heaviest books imaginable to bring home and peruse over the coming weeks.

Armed with some research material, I finished off a great day of studying by taking myself off to my favourite Portuguese café for a large glass of white. Who knew research could be so civilised!


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