May Goals

So this is the start of my second full month on London, and I am loving it so far! My MA university lectures are now over until the Autumn 2017 term starts in September, and all of my coursework has been handed in. All I have left on the cards is an exam this month, and to start the secondary reading and research for my dissertation. As I mentioned in my April in Review post, I am postponing my dissertation work until the exam is over. i can afford myself this little diversion as I’m a part-time MA student and not due to hand in my dissertation until September 2018.

This month I only have two goals:

01.Revise for the Concepts & Contexts module exam

The 3-hour Concepts & Contexts exam is on 22nd May and I’m not looking forward to it at all. I hate exams, in fact, I loathe them. Essays are much easier, because you have all of your research notes to hand when you’re answering questions, but in an exam, you have to rely on your preparation and memory, and in the moment of an exam, my memory and preparation often lets me down. Having said that, I had prepared so well for one of my final year exams for my BA that I actually enjoyed the exam and got an A! This is a rare thing, but it does show that hard work pays off. I used a numbered system for remembering particular things, and it just so happened that the system worked, so I will be having another go at using the system for this exam too. Thankfully there is only one exam for the whole of my MA, so I only have to go through the stress of it once.

02. Start running again!

I’ve neglected running since September last year, and I really want to get back into it, especially after watching the London Marathon last month and being reminded of how great it is! I have some great parks near to me in London which will be great for running around, and I’ve contacted a running coach for some PT sessions to try and get some inspiration and motivation, so watch this space!

Header image from Garance Dore.



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