April in Review

It’s the end of April, and it’s been a really exciting and interesting month. I set myself 4 goals for the month, mostly based on my new life living in London:

01. Work out my new London routine.

Can I start by saying how happy I am not to be getting up around 5am to get to work! I live a 30-minute walk from my new job, so I can get up at 7.15 and leave the house at 8.15 – sheer bliss! That’s basically my new routine. Luckily the weather has been great in London since I moved here on April 1st, and my walk to work hasn’t been hampered by bad weather. The contract for my new job allows me to work full-time until September when term starts back at university, part-time whilst I’m in my final year of my MA, and then back to full-time once I’ve completed lectures next year. I feel so fortunate to be working for a company that will allow this flexibility!

02. Explore London!

Whilst I’ve been at work during the week, I’ve been working on my MA coursework in the weekday evenings and on Sundays, and exploring London on Saturdays. The first weekend of the month was my moving-in weekend, but after that, I’ve spent a Saturday walking around Portobello Road market, Notting Hill, and Kensington; and a Saturday exploring Green Park, St. James’s Park, Covent Garden, and the National Portrait Gallery. Last weekend was the last before handing in coursework for the Introduction to Digital Curation module, so I stayed in, doing the final read-through, watching the London Marathon on the telly, and having a quiet weekend. This weekend is a bit more exciting as I’m seeing The Wiper’s Times at the Arts Theatre, a play about the creation of a newspaper for the soldiers at the front line during the First World War. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but this is my kind of thing, and I’m really looking forward to it.

03. Draft, edit, and hand in a good portfolio for the Introduction to Digital Curation module.

I worked towards this goal throughout April, working on my coursework in the evenings after work and on Sundays. I worked hard and finished my coursework well in advance of the hand-in date, giving me plenty of time for editing and re-drafting before the submission on 24th April. I’m pleased with the final draft, and looking forward to seeing what the lecturer thought of my efforts!

04. Start the secondary reading and research for my MA dissertation.

I spent more time working on my digital curation coursework and exploring London and neglecting this goal. However, as I’m a part-time MA student and not due to hand my dissertation in until September next year, I can forgive myself. The exam for the Concepts & Contexts module comes towards the end of May, so I’ve re-thought my goals for the coming months, and I’ll focus on revision for the exam during May, and then start the secondary reading and research for my dissertation once the exam is over. That seems more sensible to me!

So that’s April! I’m looking forward to what May will bring!

Contact: learningaboutarchives@gmail.com


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