The Teams Archive Collections: Young Teams of Our Lady

The Teams Archive Collections is a new series of blog posts for 2017. This series explores the different collections held by the Archive, and sheds some light on the life of Teams.

For those who don’t already know, I am solely responsible for the creation of the Teams of Our Lady Transatlantic Super-Regional Archive, a digital archive, comprised of documents and images collated over the last 60 years. (For information about Teams of Our Lady, please visit the links at the bottom of the page).

What is Young Teams of Our Lady?

The Youth Teams of Our Lady (YTOL) was created in 1976, following a meeting of Teams couples in Rome. Christine d’Amonville, the daughter of a French Teams couple, decided to create a meeting for the children of Teams couples. The young adults who attended the meeting saw the need to create a parallel youth movement, and thus began the Young Teams of our Lady. Teams of Our Lady is a worldwide movement, and the YTOL currently has members in Angola, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Portugal, Spain, Syria, and the United States.

‘YTOL has developed in a number of countries, including France, Brazil, Portugal and USA, and has a similar format to Teams itself, with small groups of single young people meeting monthly with a married couple from Teams and a priest for a simple meal, prayer and discussion. It too has an international structure, a website, and international meetings. As yet, there are no Young Teams in the Transatlantic Super-Region’.

(Antony and Janet Denman, Northampton St. Thomas team).

The Young Teams of Our Lady Collection

The collection consists of a variety of promotional leaflets for YTOL, a testimony about YTOL from the current Internationale Responsible, and the Canadian national charter of YTOL – an eclectic mix! Whilst YTOL incorporates members across 9 countries, the collection predominantly concerns YTOL in North America.

The collection has been catalogued and digitised in its entirety, according to ISAD-G, the International Standard for Archival Description. As the collection is fairly small, consisting only of 12 items, these items have not been further sub-divided into particular series. The archive would welcome the opportunity to expand the YTOL collection, and can be contacted by e-mail:

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