April Goals & Life Update

April is a really exciting month for me – I’m moving to London (today!), and my new Assistant Archivist role becomes full-time on Monday! My goals for this month are all about finding my feet, settling in and getting used to the area I’ll be living in, organising the new professional me into my new London routine, and finishing this term’s university work on a high.

The blog has had to take a bit of a backseat this month as I’ve been working in my snazzy new job part-time alongside my university course, packing for my move, and doing a lot of travelling back and forth to London every day. It’s been exhausting! There are a few blog posts scheduled to pop up in April, but as term finishes and I complete my coursework and start my new job full-time, there won’t be as many blogs been posted. This is all a good thing of course, as it gives me some time to think about exciting things to blog about once things have stopped being so hectic!imageSo, goals for April…

01. Work out my new London routine.

Moving to London means that I don’t have to get up at 5.15am to commute from Northampton to London and be at my desk by 9am, and then get home in the evening just after 8pm. It makes for such a long and tiring day, and I couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to that commute! My new place in London is a 25 minute talk to work, or a short tube journey, or a short bus trip. I plan to walk to and from work every day (weather permitting), and living so close means that I can leave for work after 8am – sheer bliss after all those 5.15am wake-up calls!

02. Explore London!

I’m moving to a beautiful area somewhere in the middle of Shepherd’s Bush, Ravenscourt Park and Hammersmith. It’s not an area of London I know well, if at all, but everything about the area is lovely – great transport links, a fab high street with everything you could want, coffee shops a-mundo, Shepherd’s Bush market and Westfield shopping centre within walking distance, lots of parks and great areas to go running or walking, lots of shops, and so much to explore! Obviously I’ll need to do all the usual boring things like registering with the local doctor’s surgery, and finding the nearest post office, but exploring is high on my list too. I’ve booked some tickets to see two London shows coming up over the next two months, so I’m really looking forward to some trips to the centre of London too!

03. Draft, edit, and hand in a good portfolio for the Introduction to Digital Curation module.

This is the final piece of coursework to hand in this term, and I’m determined to do well! This module has been a real eye-opener, and quite complex and tricky to understand at times. It has given me a lot of food for thought, and now that I am in an archive role where I will be responsible for some of the digital curation processes, it has been a valuable and useful module.

04. Start the secondary reading and research for my MA dissertation.

Now that I’ve handed in a solid dissertation proposal, it’s time to get cracking with the reading. I’ve been compiling a bibliography of relevant material so I’ve got a healthy list of things to start working through. I organised a spreadsheet of search terms for the secondary literature (a little tip I picked up during my undergraduate degree), so I have an organised and detailed list of what I’ve searched and where I’ve searched. It has been really useful for getting an idea of where I can find relevant material and the kinds of keywords I should be using in my search.

I think that April is going to be a really exciting month. Let’s see what I can make of it…


Header image from Garance Dore.

Contact: learningaboutarchives@gmail.com


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