March in Review

My goals for March mostly focussed on upcoming university work:

01.Create and provide a good presentation on ArchivesSpace for the Introduction to Digital Curation Module.

I absolutely loathe giving presentations! Speaking in front of people is one of the most terrifying things for me, but I’d already promised myself that I would get better at it this year, or at least give it some more practice! This presentation wasn’t going to be graded, but it was a chance for us to experience what it would be like to research and present about a particular piece of digital curation software or process, as this might be the kind of thing we might encounter in the working world. The topic I chose to present ended up not really having much to do with digital curation, but I talked about the positives and negatives of it, and ow I went about my research process. As it wasn’t graded, I actually didn’t feel as stressed and pressured about it as I thought I might do! I know that I rushed through the words and didn’t give good eye contact with the room, but that means there is something to work on.

02.Draft, edit, and hand in a good proposal for my MA dissertation.

Like the presentation mentioned above, our dissertation proposals were not graded. It was a chance for us to put into words what we wanted to do, how we would go about it, and the kinds of sources that we would use. I think I submitted a pretty god proposal (but who knows!). I worked really hard at it and submitted it early on in March, but as per my dissertation plan, I’m not thinking about it until the rest of this term’s coursework is handed in. I think that’s the benefit of handing my dissertation in next September – I’ve a year and a half to write it, so I can take the time now to concentrate on my coursework, and then put the research and reading work in over the summer. I’ve been assigned my dissertation supervisor and I’m happy with who I have. I’d already spoken to that member of staff before writing my proposal as I thought that they were likely to end up being my supervisor due to their particular expertise, so it feels like I’m right on track!

03.Draft, edit, and hand in my second piece of coursework for the Concepts and Contexts module.

I’ve only partly achieved this goal. I’ve put in a lot of time and effort in putting together this piece of coursework, as it’s a portfolio of 4 500-word literature reviews, and a 2,000 word reflective essay. I’ve been working on this coursework since the start of March, and I’ve completed everything except a final edit of one of the literature reviews, and then a final read-through. The coursework is duet be handed in on 3rd April, and these final bits and bobs won’t take long so I’ll be finishing them off over the weekend and submitting the evening before.

04.Enjoy starting my new job!

As I’ve landed myself an exciting new Assistant Archivist role in London, it makes sense for me to move to London too. So, tomorrow morning I will be heading off to my new stomping ground in the big smoke! It’s a 25 minute walk to work, and a 30 minute tube journey to university (when term starts again), so it’s really handy for pretty much everything. I don’t know much of London (except the usual touristy bits), so it’s going to be a new adventure!






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