The First Official Approval of Teams of Our Lady by the Church

For those who don’t already know, I am solely responsible for the creation of the Teams of Our Lady Transatlantic Super-Regional Archive, a digital archive, comprised of documents and images collated over the last 20+ years. (For information about Teams of Our Lady, please visit either the GB website, or the Transatlantic Super-Regional website).

The First Official Approval by the Church

Today, 25th March 2017, marks 57 years since the Teams of Our Lady received its first official approval from the Church, on 25th March 1960. The Archive holds the digital copy of the letter of approval:


T/01/HIST/MEIGH/173   (page 1).


T/01/HIST/MEIGH/173   (page 2).

Maurice, Cardinal Feltin, the Archbishop of Paris, wrote to the leaders of the Teams of Our Lady to express his views on the Teams movement, approving of their statutes, and reinforcing their aims, stating that ‘The Teams of Our Lady are, and should remain, a MOVEMENT FOR SPIRITUAL TRAINING’.

This letter is held in a series of personal letters which belonged to Harry and Clotilde Meigh. Harry and Clotilde introduced Teams to Great Britain in 1959, after discovering Teams in France whilst on a visit to Clotilde’s homeland. You may have noticed that some handwritten alterations have been made to the letter. We cannot confirm who the handwriting belongs to, but having compared it to examples of both Harry and Clotilde’s handwriting, we cannot find a match, so the likely conclusion is that the handwritten alterations were made by Cardinal Feltin. How frustrating it must have felt to have taken the time to produce a letter using a typewriter, to find that upon examination, you had used an incorrect word or spelling – we take for granted how easy it is now to correct a mistake using a word processor!

Since receiving the first official approval from the Church, Teams of Our Lady has received a further two. Come back to Learning About Archive on 30th April to find out about the third approval.


The Teams Archive can be contact by e-mail:


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