March Goals

This month’s goals mostly concern work towards my MA in Archives and Records Management at UCL…

01.Create and provide a good presentation on ArchivesSpace for the Introduction to Digital Curation Module. At the end of March we have to provide a short 5-minute presentation on a topic, mine is ArchivesSpace. I find presentations really hard, whether it’s 5 people or 50. I am really trying to become more comfortable and confident speaking in front of people, and using this exercise will definitely help.

02.Draft, edit, and hand in a good proposal for my MA dissertation. As a part-time student, I am not due to hand in my dissertation until 3rd September 2018 (which seems an awfully long way off), but I want to make a start on the background reading and researching for my dissertation after Easter. When I was doing my undergraduate dissertation I started the day after our second year exams had finished, giving me 11 months, and I used the time well, coming out with a first for my dissertation, which I am really proud of. Working over an extended period of time, rather than bunching it all up worked really well for me, and I am keen to adopt the same method for my MA dissertation.

03.Draft, edit, and hand in my second piece of coursework for the Concepts and Contexts module. The final piece of coursework for the Concepts module is due in on 3rd April, incorporating 4 x 500-word literature reviews (which we’ve written over the last two terms), and a 2,000-word critical and reflective essay on a topic that we have covered during the module. As we have written and handed in a literature review every two weeks during the module, I don’t need to worry about creating them all from scratch, and I can choose the ones that I’d like to submit, and edit and refine them. I know which topic I’d like to work on for my essay, so at this point, I think I’m on the right track.

04.Enjoy starting my new job! I have my induction day for my new job coming up soon and I cannot wait to get started! The role comes with lots of responsibility and a wide range of things to get stuck into, so I’m really looking forward to it!


Header image from Garance Dore.



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