February in Review

I set myself some goals at the start of February:

  1. To worry less
  2. To start looking for and applying for some paid archive work
  3. To read and explore more about digital curation
  4. To engage more with the archives and records community on social media
  5. To keep blogging

In the first few weeks of February I was worrying a bit. For the Concepts and Contexts module we submit a short 500-word literature review on an article of our choosing, and I had reviewed an article that I just didn’t seem to get. Thinking positively, at least I could identify that the article was not straightforward! I experienced a loss in motivation and concentration early on in February (see my blog post ‘Lost: Motivation. Reward if Found’). It seems to have returned now, but I know that everyone worries about something at some time, and I’ve realised that when I worry, it’s because I really care about things and I just want to do well. To worry is to be human, or at least I think that’s the case.

On the first of the month I met up with Lee Seymour from TFPL, a knowledge and information sector recruitment agency. Getting myself on their books was a good feeling, and a definite step towards a paid archive role. However, during February I had two interviews for an Assistant Archivist post, and I’m absolutely delighted to say that I was successful! Achieving the role has raised my confidence no end, and I look forward to starting in March.

I feel that I have engaged more with the subject of digital curation. We’ve had some interesting practical classes and lectures for the Introduction to Digital Curation module, including the use of XML, BitCurator, and investigating Preservica. These practical classes, along with the lectures and guest lectures, have led me to post some more blogs on various digital curation subjects, most of which are my own musings or attempts at explaining things, which in turn have helped me understand things a bit better. I am finding some aspects of digital curation hard, but it’s a learning process, and I’m working through my learning curve.

I don’t know that I have actively engaged with the archives and records community on social media any more than I have done previously. I have had some great feedback on my blog posts, and received some really helpful advice about time management (see my blog post about the Pomodoro Technique). I always make the point of responding to anyone who retweets my blog posts posts something encouraging, and I have continued to Tweet links to interesting articles that I’ve come across. The archives and records community on Twitter (the platform I use the most) are really active, friendly and helpful, and they post a whole range of interesting things that grab my eye. Being able to surround myself with the community on Twitter is really positive and encouraging.

So. February has been a month of ups and downs. Let’s see what March brings…


Header image from Garance Dore.

Contact: learningaboutarchives@gmail.com


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