How I Started – Geoffrey Yeo

Geoffrey Yeo’s ‘How I Started’ post from the Archives & Records Association’s Section for New Professionals blog.

Off the Record

The Careers Officer asked me if I was sure that I wouldn’t regret the choice I was about to make. I was in my final year as an undergraduate; I had just told her that I wanted to decide between archives and archaeology as a career, and she clearly thought I was crazy. ‘Have you thought about joining the Civil Service?’ she said. ‘Or perhaps you could consider the law. Why not think about becoming a solicitor?’. She evidently saw it as her job to steer wayward students into safe and reliable career options. But it was the mid-1970s, and I knew this wasn’t what I wanted. Like many readers of this blog, I wanted to work with the ‘raw materials’ of history. Eventually she saw that dissuasion was hopeless, and tried another tack. ‘Well, if you really won’t consider anything else, then I would advise you to choose archives…

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