The Teams Archive Collections: Regional Conferences

The Teams Archive Collections is a new series of blog posts for 2017. This series explores the different collections held by the Archive, and sheds some light on the life of Teams.

For those who don’t already know, I am solely responsible for the creation of the Teams of Our Lady Transatlantic Super-Regional Archive, a digital archive, comprised of documents and images collated over the last 60 years. (For information about Teams of Our Lady, please visit the links at the bottom of the page).

So, tell me about the Regional Conferences…

A word of experience:

“Teams has always organised regular conferences, known as Gatherings, where members can get together, share news and experiences, pray and worship together. The whole international movement comes together for a 5-day Gathering every 6 years – the last one was in 2012 in Brasilia and 8000 people attended, so it was held in a Basketball stadium! The next one in Fatima, Portugal, in 2018, is already being planned.

On a much smaller scale, in Great Britain, there have been a series of annual Regional Gatherings. Up until the early 1990’s these ran over a weekend, from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, and were organised by the local Sector on a rota basis, with accommodation provided in local Teams couples’ houses, and the meeting itself held in a local church hall or school. The Gatherings would have a specific theme, with invited speakers, some from outside the Teams movement.

By the mid-1990’s, it was clear that numbers had risen sufficiently so that the local Sector struggled to organise the events, and since then, annual Regional Gatherings have been one-day meetings, with the occasional residential weekend Gathering, often at the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire. These weekend Gatherings have been for special celebrations, such as celebrating 40 years of Teams in England in 1996”.

(Antony and Janet Denman, Northampton St. Thomas team)

The Regional Conferences Collection

The collection is made up of material created for regional conferences, and in the process of planning for regional conferences in the regions within the United Kingdom. This includes material such as advertisements for conferences, programmes of events, booklets and handbooks created to accompany conferences.

The collection has been catalogued and digitised in its entirety, according to ISAD-G, the International Standard for Archival Description. The collection has been arranged into 9 series. Each series represents a particular year and are named as such. As each series has only a handful of items, it does not make sense to further sub-divide the series, and so the items in this collection are arranged directly under the series level. The series are as follows:

  1. 1978
  2. 1986
  3. 1988
  4. 1994
  5. 1999
  6. 2006
  7. 2008
  8. 2011
  9. 2013

This collection is fairly small, and the archive does not hold material from all of the Regional Conferences that have been held. The archive would welcome the opportunity to expand the Regional Conferences collection, and can be contacted by e-mail:

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