How I Started – Tony King

Tony King’s journey to becoming an Archive Conservator is really interesting, especially as my background lacks any real conservation work.

Off the Record

My journey towards becoming an Archive Conservator almost began with a wrong turn when I arranged a fortnight-long work placement at Essex Record Office with the idea of becoming an Archivist. As a recent History graduate I knew I wanted to make some use of my new degree and my local Record Office seemed a good place to start, but it soon became clear that I was more interested with the physical nature of the documents than the information contained within the text. After handling a parchment deed for the first time it was the experience of interacting with the fragile and ancient material that stuck in my mind rather than the message contained in the flaking ink. Luckily I was able to spend a couple of days in the Conservation Section where Senior Conservator, Keith Dean told me all about a career I had no idea existed.

maps-before-and-after-treatment DLAW/2/33 –…

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