February Goals

I recently heard someone say that the New Year starts today, and that January was only a ‘free month trial’. I like that idea. So, in true New Year fashion, I’ve come up with five goals for February.

1. To worry less. I’ve been worrying a fair bit recently about whether I’m actually understanding and taking in everything I’m learning in my Archives and Records Management MA. My two grades so far (a merit and a distinction) show that I must be understanding at least the information relating to my coursework, so this is perhaps a motivational goal – to be more positive and confident.

2. To start looking for and applying for some paid archive work. I enjoy my two voluntary roles at the University of Northampton Archive and the Teams of Our Lady Transatlantic Super-Regional Archive very much, but sadly voluntary work doesn’t pay the bills, and come April, I’m not back at university for lectures until the end of September, so I have a lot of time on my hands which could be spent in a paid archive role. I’ve registered with TFPL, a recruitment agency specialising in the knowledge and information sector, so that’s another stepping the right direction.

3. To read and explore more about digital curation. The Introduction to Digital Curation module in my MA is getting more complicated each week, and it is a lot to take in in such a short period of time. Our lecturer has provided us with an extensive bibliography for the module, so there is a fantastic resource at my fingertips with which to fulfil this goal.

4. To engage more with the archives and records community on social media. I have really enjoyed following the recent #DPC_WIWIK and #arcgap livetweets; it’s been great hearing archives and records conference discussions through their live tweet hashtags, having not been able to attend the conferences myself. I follow quite a few archives and records blogs, and a number of archives and records professionals, organisations and institutions on Twitter. It’s great to see the different projects that archives and records institutions are engaging in, and the kinds of topics that archives and records professionals are tweeting about. The archives and records community is very active, and that’s greatly encouraging.

5. To keep blogging! The more I think and write about archive and records management topics, or my experience as an archive and records management student, the more confident I feel about my writing, even if it’s not proper academic work.


Header image from Garance Dore.

Contact: learningaboutarchives@gmail.com


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