The Second Graded Piece of Coursework: Something to Celebrate

December was a pretty important month for my MA in Archives and Records Management. My first piece of coursework was graded with a merit (two marks off a distinction), and I handed in my second piece of coursework. Our grades and feedback for the second piece of coursework were returned today, and I this time I actually received a distinction! I was absolutely chuffed with receiving a merit for the last piece of coursework, but I had never thought that I would achieve a distinction, especially when our lecturers mentioned to us in September that distinction grades are not given out very often!

Receiving that initial merit had made me feel more confident about what I was doing, and I felt a bit more confident when I finally submitted the second piece of coursework. (I posted a blog about my experience of putting together these elements which can be found here, so I won’t go into too much detail). I had felt some twinges of Impostor Syndrome in the week or so before our grades were returned, but the distinction grade and feedback on the coursework was very encouraging. I definitely feel more confident about my abilities. There are two big pieces of coursework due in April, and whilst I still have a lot to learn, this distinction has been a big boost to my confidence.




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