The Teams Archive Collections: Newsletters

The Teams Archive Collections is a new series of blog posts for 2017. This series explores the different collections held by the Archive, and sheds some light on the life of Teams.

For those who don’t already know, I am solely responsible for the creation of the Teams of Our Lady Transatlantic Super-Regional Archive, a digital archive, comprised of documents and images collated over the last 20+ years. (For information about Teams of Our Lady, please visit either the GB website, or the Transatlantic Super-Regional website). As the Newsletters collection is the largest collection within the archive, I thought I would share a blog post about the collection, its arrangement and description.

The Newsletters Collection

The collection is made up of newsletters from a range of Sectors and Regions from within the Transatlantic Super-Region (mainly from Great Britain), newsletters from outside the Super-Region, including super-regional newsletters for Australasia, Oceania, and newsletters from the United States. Also included are newsletters and letters to teams from other Teams groups, and newsletter literature.

The Teams movement began in France, and still maintains its roots there. As a worldwide movement for Christian married couples, there are many languages used within the organisation’s members. Most of the newsletters are in English, however a small amount are in French and Hindi and have yet to be translated. A project has been implemented to provide a translation of every French-language item held in the archive, but the process is slow, due to the availability of Teams translators.

The collection has been digitised and catalogued in its entirety, according to ISAD-G, the International Standard for Archival Description. The collection has been arranged into 39 series. Each series represents a particular newsletter, and the title of each series is named after the sector, region, super-region, or Teams group that the newsletter represents. Where some newsletters have a title, rather than being named the newsletter of the particular sector, region, super-region, or group that they represent, the title has been provided in brackets. One series has been further sub-divided into two sub-series. The 39 series in the collection are comprised of:

  • The Bulletin of Friends of Father Caffarel
  • Central Europe International Newsletter
  • English & Irish Regional Newsletter
  • ERI
    • Sub-Series: ERI Letters
    • Sub-Series: Newsletter de l’ERI
  • Eurasia Zone Newsletter
  • GB Regions Newsletter
  • Great Britain and Ireland Regional Newsletter
  • Great Britain and Trinidad & Tobago Regional Newsletter
  • Great Britain and Trinidad Regional Newsletter
  • Great Britain Regional Newsletter
  • India Region Newsletter (Link & Light)
  • Intercessors Newsletter
  • Irish Region Newsletter
  • Irish Sector Newsletter
  • Letters from the International Leading Team
  • Lettre des Equipes Notre-Dame
  • London South-West Sector Newsletter
  • Newsletter for the GB Regions
  • Newsletter Literature
  • Newsletter of the Australasian Super-Region
  • Newsletter of the Oceania Super-Region
  • North East 1 Newsletter
  • North East Sector Newsletter (NEST)
  • North Surrey Newsletter
  • North Thames Sector Newsletter (North Circular)
  • North Tyne Sector Newsletter
  • Region of Trinidad & Tobago Newsletter (Salt of the Earth)
  • Scottish Sector Newsletter
  • Solent Sector Newsletter
  • South Midlands Sector Newsletter (The Cornerstone)
  • South West Sector Newsletter (The Severn Bore)
  • Surrey & Sussex Sector Newsletter (The Grapevine)
  • Teesside Sector Newsletter (Teams Link)
  • Thames West Sector Newsletter (The Thames Westerly)
  • Transatlantic Super-Regional Newsletter
  • US Newsletters
  • Wessex Sector Newsletter
  • West London Sector Newsletter
  • West Sector Newsletter

Over time, some regions expanded to incorporate others, and some regions decreased as other areas moved to form their own regions. There is an example of this within the newsletters, as the English and Irish Region experienced many changes from the 1970s to the current day. The archive holds an almost complete run of the newsletters throughout these changes, from the May 1973 edition of the English & Irish Region newsletter to the March 2016 edition of the GB Regions newsletter. This run of newsletters incorporates the following regional changes, in chronological order:

English & Irish Region > Great Britain & Ireland Region > Great Britain & Ireland Region > Great Britain Region > Region of Great Britain & Trinidad > Region of Great Britain and Trinidad & Tobago > Region of Great Britain > GB Regions.

This information is recorded in the Newsletters collection information form for complete transparency, and awareness for archive users. The decision was made to create a series for each iteration of the newsletter, instead of maintaining a series which incorporates the run as a series in itself. The reason for this, is that each iteration of the newsletter represents a change in region, rather than a change to the name of the newsletter. Should there be any further regional changes, these will be incorporated into the Newsletters collection by means of a new series to represent that chance. Should a regional change involve reverting back to a past region.

So, tell me about the newsletters…

The newsletters all serve the same purpose, in sharing news, publicising events, and providing contact information, but the newsletters vary in size, structure, and content.

A word of experience:

“The core unit of the Teams of Our Lady is the Team – 4 to 6 couples meeting monthly in their own homes, with a priest, for a simple meal, prayer, discussion and mutual support. Teams also has an international dimension, with over 12,000 teams present in over 80 countries. An International Leading Team of Couples (representing the various countries) together with a priest, oversee the administration and support of the teams.  Newsletters have held an important place in supporting local teams, informing them of local, national and international events, sharing the joys and challenges of the journey of married life together, and giving news of other teams around the world. In Great Britain, the Regional Newsletter has been regularly published for many years every 3 months, and includes suggested bible readings, prayers and study topics for the monthly meetings.

Access to the internet has meant that some newsletter topics can now be placed directly on a website and updated as needed. Yet,  there is still something special about a paper copy of the newsletter arriving in the post, and holding a physical copy of it in your hand during the Team meeting”.

Antony and Janet Denman, Northampton St. Thomas team.

(Examples of newsletter covers from the archive: Newsletter for the GB Regions, The Cornerstone, Link & Light, Great Britain Regional Newsletter, Transatlantic Super-Regional newsletter, and the Bulletin of Friends of Father Caffarel).

So that’s a little about the Newsletters collection. Next month we’ll explore the Regional Conferences collection in the next post of the series.

The archive would welcome the opportunity to expand the Newsletters collection, and can be contacted by e-mail:


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