The First Graded Essay

If you’ve visited my blog before, you may remember that I posted a blog about The First Coursework Submission about a month ago.

The lecturers marked our essays and returned them to us on Friday, and I was absolutely delighted to be graded with a merit! What’s more, I was two marks off a distinction! I’m absolutely chuffed to bits. I put so much hard work and effort into the essay, and it really shows that hard work pays off. Writing up a good plan, and going through several drafts before submission is a great way of refining things and making sure you stay on track.

I’ve also blogged about Impostor Syndrome recently. While I’ve been preparing to submit my next piece of coursework, I’ve been feeling twinges of Impostor Syndrome again, worrying that I’m not quite getting the hang of things, or that I’m not good enough. Today, however, I’m celebrating my coursework grade. Sometimes victories can be as small as managing to plan an essay, writing 500 words, or getting a good grade. It’s important to celebrate the small victories, to remind yourself that you are good enough. I’m celebrating with a steaming glass of mulled wine. It is the Christmas season after all!



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