How I Started – Melinda Haunton

Another ‘How I Started’ blog post from the ARA’s Section for New Professionals, this time featuring Melinda Haunton.

Off the Record

I remember the first time I said I wanted to be an archivist. I was 17, it was summer term and my college had us in-betweeners doing long lessons for our A level subjects in preparation for the horror of another Exam Year. I was doing French, with a bored French assistant, about Careers and The Future. Asked what we wanted to do, I – history nerd that I was – said, “Je voudrais être historienne ou archiviste.”

I didn’t really mean it. I didn’t know how to become an archivist. It just sounded quite a logical thing to do with a history degree, and I did know I wanted to do that. No one had ever given me a careers talk about archives. I’d certainly never visited one. But I did know – I’d read enough history to know – that you have to go back to primary sources…

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